Looking young, attractive with a perfectly sculpted body need not be a distant dream whether you’re a man or woman. With this thought, VLCC offers you a unique technique of non-invasive weight loss using a 6-step innovative fat reduction program.

Here’s what the entire process looks like:

  1. Activation and Stimulation – A mechanical therapy that works on your system for a rapid and effective loss of cm along with a detoxing effect.
  2. Fat Breakage Cavitation – Low frequency ultrasound to break down fat cells and help you significantly slim down.
  3. Massage Therapy – A completely manual 15-minute therapy using specific strokes, pressure points and well-practiced techniques to improve blood circulation and supply of vital nutrients and oxygen while toning the body.
  4. Thermopack – Application of a completely natural pack to cleanse pores and restore the moisture balance and increase your skin’s elasticity and give it a youthful glow.
  5. Diet and Exercise – We recommend special diet and exercise to manage fatty acids.
  6. Fat Burning –  A combination of weight disintegration system by effectively boosting your body’s fat burning mechanism.

Once completed, this process will ensure a loss of 6 cm and weight loss of 600 gm per session.

Let us work our miracles on even the most stubborn fat areas of your body!

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