3D Mens Trim Treatment

Belly bulges are easy to form but difficult to lose. More often than not, they are the result of a sedentary lifestyle, binge eating, weight fluctuations or health disorders.

If reading these lines made you look at the mirror or subconsciously put a hand on that bulge, it’s time to benefit from VLCC’s exclusive Men’s 3D Tummy Reduction Treatment. The 60-minute treatment is crafted especially for men and is effective to the point that you can lose about 300 gms or 5 cms in a single session!

It’s 100% safe and clinically proven, non-invasive treatment that breaks down the fat around your waist and tummy areas. At the same time, it helps enhance blood circulation and increase metabolism to prevent further fat deposits.

How does the 3D Men’s Trim Treatment work?

The treatment takes place in the following steps:

  1. Reduction Treatment– This consists of a mechanical therapy over the targeted area by using a mechanical device that applies multi-dimensional strokes and vibrations. This leads to an increase in the local temperature that stimulates hypothalamus. All in all, the oxygen and blood circulation increases in the surrounding area.
  2. Radio Frequency (RF)– Soon after the reduction treatment, you’ll be provided a 30-minute Radio Frequency or RF treatment, which will be focused on the abdomen area. Again, this will use the Radiofrequency to generate heat. However, this time, it will be deeper in the dermis and hence, enhance collagen synthesis and tissue contraction. The step is crucial for skin tightening and toning the abdomen.
  3. Body Belt– The next step is to use a Body Belt on the abdomen for at least 5 minutes. Like the RF, this step also helps generate heat for skin tightening.
  4. 3D Body Contour Power Dose Ampule + Manual Therapies– This is the last and the final step, which includes a combination of two essential therapies. The 3D Body Contour Power Dose Ampule (containing vegetal and algae origin extracts) penetrate the skin layers and makes sure that the ingredients can detach the enlarged fat cells. It helps contour the waistline and also acts as an antioxidant for healthier collagen growth and skin.

 At the end of the treatment, you can have a flat stomach.

Don’t let your love handles get your down. Let us take care of them and help you get a well-toned stomach that will surely boost your confidence levels. Visit your nearest VLCC center to get a better idea from our experts.

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