Gold Micro Botox AA

Gold Micro Botox AA® is the result of recent advances in Stem Cell science. It is now known that one specialized population of stem cells is responsible for all tissue repairs. These cells normal originate in the bone marrow and patrol the body via our vasculature. The active factors are called Growth Factors & Cytokines; they can create a natural, youthful healing response at the deepest level of your skin - at any age. Doctors and scientists have discovered how to take these specialized signals from the stem cells and communicate to them in their own language – thereby convincing our body to produce anti-inflammatory action and anti-ageing growth factors.

Why Gold Micro Botox AA

  • It’s a non-invasive Semi-Dermat Treatment
  • Radiant skin with smaller pores and a smoother touch
  • Combination of AnteAge, Bone Marrow stem cells – The best growth factor and Botox
  • Improves texture and tone and reduces fine lines, wrinkles
  • Painless treatment
  • Suitable for all Skin Types, all ages

How many sessions of Gold Micro Botox AA are needed?

Some results take time to achieve, and others happen quite fast as 2 weeks. Typically, people see noticeable results in 1 session. Most importantly, you’re preventing new visible signs of aging every day when you use the Gold Micro Botox AA.

Gold Micro Botox AA(Before and After)

Gold Micro Botox Gold Micro Botox Gold Micro Botox

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