4D Slim & Trim

VLCC is always on the look out for the best tools and advanced technologies to enhance your aesthetic appearance. The 4D Slim & Trim is one such compact appliances we use to deliver more effective and visible results. You can use it to lose up to 700 gm and 7 cm in one session.

It meets specific objectives like -

  • Lifting and tightening of sagging skin
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening and smoothening the skin
  • Improving skin laxity
  • Making the skin tone more even

How does 4D Slim & Trim work?

  • Ultrasound– Ultrasounds activates the process of lipolysis and helps in fat loss, inch loss as well as body reshaping.
  • Laser– Laser speeds up the the permeability of adipocyte membrane, helping break the weight plateau.
  • Vacuum– Vacuum creates negative pressure, stimulates and increases lymphatic drainage. It also removes the metabolic waste and helps detoxify the body.
  • Radio Frequency– Heat from radio frequency helps in Fibroblast or Collagen synthesis. This is crucial for firming the skin, and reducing stress and fatigue in the muscles

VLCC recommends a minimum of 6 sessions with one session per week to achieve maximum results. Although there’s no down time, post the treatment, you should avoid washing the treated area(s) or applying anything on it immediately in the next 4 hours. You may feel a slight redness or warmth from it, the effect will fade quickly.

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