One of the biggest scares that people who are trying to lose weight get is the “Weight Plateau”. It is the stage of stagnancy where no matter how extensively you try to lose weight, it has no effect on the fat-laced areas such as tummy, weight, thigh and hips.

VLCC’s LipoSlim treatment breaks this plateau by helping you disintegrate the fat cells using medical appliances and then, using a manual therapy. The treatment is completely safe with no side-effects and we ensure that the therapy is conducted by trained experts at our facility with a doctor available for consultation purposes.

By choosing LipoSlim, get ready to see the results:

  1. Breaking the Weight Plateau
  2. Improved blood circulation
  3. Relaxed muscle tension
  4. Increased lymph circulation and elimination of toxin
  5. Help in Weight Loss
  6. Increased Metabolism
  7. Help in CM loss
  8. Tightening and firming of the target area
  9. Stimulated collagen synthesis

LipoSlim is recommended for:

  • People who are battling obesity
  • People who are approaching or stuck in the weight plateau
  • People who gained weight due to PCOS/Hypothyroidism
  • People who struggle with water retention issues

How we help make LipoSlim more effective?

We at VLCC not only help you shed those extra pounds and inches using LipoSlim, but also help you retain the results long after the treatment. This includes indulging in exercising regularly and monitoring your diet.


People with medical conditions like metallic implants, hernia, cancer, post-surgery (less than 3 months) and more are advised not to go for this therapy.

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