Hair Color

There’s beauty in the bounce and sheen of your hair, and the same hair color can get boring after some time. Give your hair a trendy "color-refresh" and break the monotony by bringing your hair to life powered by L’Oreal’s dazzling hues and shades.

Our team of hair designers and experts are always on top of the latest trends and understand the dimension and depth of all types of hair and all forms of hair coloring techniques and color upgrades, and will discuss ideas with you based on your skin tone and facial structure and recommend highlights, partial highlights, a whole change of color or a beautiful ombre.

We understand hair and know the importance of providing both ammonia and ammonia-free hair coloring options to always protect your hair, in addition to guiding you on how to best care for colored hair and recommend any additional services that will further enrich and protect colored hair.

So, without further ado, step into your nearest VLCC center let us wow you with our wide range of hair colors and ideas!

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