Bamboo Magic Therapy

It’s interesting that something as simple as a bamboo roller can offer you several benefits at once. That’s precisely what we at VLCC offer you – the Premium Bamboo Magic Therapy that promotes weight loss and body shaping in a unique way!

In this therapy, our experts use natural bamboo rollers and deep massage the tissues in the body. As a part of this process, they use other topical products on your body and use a body wrap so that the essential ingredients in these products are thoroughly absorbed.

The massage is relaxing and rejuvenating to say the least and helps treat several conditions, which include but are not limited to – migraine, lower back pain, post injury rehabilitation, circulatory issues, leg aches, whiplash, respiratory ailments, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain etc.

And that’s not all! It also has the ability to result in weight loss as well as body shaping by managing cellulite and leaving you with soft, supple and smooth skin.

Here are some more benefits of the Bamboo Full Body Therapy:

  • Improves metabolism that supports burning of fat
  • Offers a deep state of relaxation
  • Boosts micro-circulation and relieves water retention
  • Improves skin texture and gives it a younger look and feel
  • Enhances the overall skin tone
  • There are no side-effects of this completely natural therapy
  • Improves cellulite orange peel appearance

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