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Tired of handling limp, lifeless, brittle and dry hair that ruins your entire getup? It’s time to pay attention to your tresses before they are damaged further. We at VLCC use Loreal Pro Fiber hair care programme, which is a unique therapy that addresses damaged hair on a whole new level. The treatment includes four Pro Fiber ranges, which address different levels of hair damage.

Who Needs the Treatment?

  • If you want to eliminate hair damage and maintain the quality of hair
  • If you frequently style your hair with heating tools or color it on a frequent basis
  • If you need extra care for your hair that goes beyond the everyday routine

How Does the Treatment Work?

Loreal Pro Fiber is a long-lasting treatment, which is divided into two parts:

  • The in-salon treatment, which initiates the system
  • Regular hair care routine at home till the next salon visit

The treatment helps Revive, Restore, Recover and Re-Create your hair’s natural beauty by saving it from damage.

Start the treatment today to reap the benefits at no extra cost!

Revive – his is for slightly damaged hair. When you need treatment for dry/rough hair, with dull color and less shine.

Restore –This is for hair that looks rough with uneven texture, has split ends, color looks oxidized and dull.

Recover – This is for excessively damaged hair with disintegrating strands. The hair is prone to breakage, faded color and overall looks matte.

Recreate – This is for hair that has become thin as a result of constant damage. The texture is brittle, hollow and looks lifeless. The hair also breaks easily.

Webegin rejuvenating treatment for your hair with a consultation with our hairstyle expert and using the hair fiber test. Based on their analysis, you’ll be assigned the fitting Pro Fiber hair care programme, which will help you maintain a healthy, damage-free hair.Start the treatment today to reap the benefits at no extra cost!

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