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Your hair says a lot about you. Be it the color you choose, the texture, the style or the length. Every hair has a different story to tell. And who doesn’t love their hair to look great and smell nice! However, sometimes things do not go according to our plans and our hair ends up being damaged due to external aggressors, excessive use of chemicals and styling tools or in some cases, a bad haircut!

A hair spa is the remedy to all these problems. VLCC has a range of treatments for this, which not only restores the vitality of your hair, but also makes it healthier in the long run. Whether you need a thorough massage with the goodness of ancient Ayurveda or require a mask that provides deep nourishment, we have it all with us.

Our in-house hair specialists make sure that you feel completely at ease right from the moment you consult them to when the treatment comes to an end. They are experts at making you comfortable with many years of experience in tow. You can expect them to do a fantastic job for your hair. Without waiting further, indulge in our luxurious hair spa treatments that are easy on the pockets but provide best results.

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