H2O Osmotique

Is your skin losing moisture rapidly despite slathering your face with the best solutions? It’s time to rethink this regimen and opt for something that gives you more long-term benefits.

VLCC’s H2O Osmotique is a super hydrating treatment that restores moisture content on your skin and nurtures it. The facial treatment includes active ingredients such as H2O Osmotic Delivery that works its way through your skin in just one sitting, leaving you with dewy skin.

How does H2O Osmotique work?

Our experts begin the treatment by applying a gentle skin peel on your face and in the neck region. Initially it may give you a tingling sensation, which is normal and indicates that the treatment is working. This is followed by transmitting Hydractive Concentrate using an Ultrasound or similar device. Next up, they will massage Organic Nutritive Oil and use the HA-Glacier Mousse Mask. The last step is applying the Collagenic Moist Essence. By the end of this treatment you’ll feel thoroughly rejuvenated, as if your skin just received a new lease of life!

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