Vlcc's team of docs and health specialists are proud to provide you LipoDetox. A top rate spot discount and body shaping service. A single session of LipoDetox may have target vicinity stimulation, equipment procedures using radio frequency to break fat cells and use of vacuum that is created around the goal vicinity, for exposing the maximum surface region and ensuing in stepped forward blood movement, cozy muscle tension, accelerated lymph circulate and removal of pollution, andbettering the tightness, firmness and elasticity of pores and skin. Thus helping shed pounds at the side of detoxification.


  • Improves body detoxing
  • Promotes the frame's natural toxin clearing features
  • Complements blood stream
  • Complements lymphatic drainage
  • Firming & stimulate muscle mass
  • Improves the revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue to slender and redefine the frame elements

What are the expected effects?

*effects depend on people primarily based at the goal region & body situations

  • Entire thedetoxification.
  • Weight reduction as much as seven-hundred gm/session*
  • Cm loss as much as four-6 cm* /goal vicinity (tummy / waist / thighs /hips).

Who and on what situations is LipoDetox recommended?

  • Overweight customers
  • Sagging pores and skin
  • Overweight
  • Normal bmi clients
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Weight loss clients
  • Smoothening of pores and skin
  • Put up-natal customers
  • Determine correction
  • Spot Dicount

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