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VLCC Liposonic Express Slimming
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No side effect | No crash Diets | No artificial food supplements

The 5-step treatment plan

Step 1

Mechanical Therapy covering the targeted area

The mechanical therapy is used to create a powerful thermal effect on the body to increase local body temperature. This helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Step 2


Ultrasound is used to generate low frequency ultrasound waves, which produces a “Cavitation” effect on the adipocytes by breaking the cell wall and releasing the free fatty acids. these are partially denatured and are removed from the body through the lymphatic system. The rest of the free fatty acids are taken care of through the negative calorie balance of diet and activity.

Step 3

Manual Lymphatic drainage on the treated area

A dry massage in the combination of Thai yoga, reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage is used as an effective treatment for water retention, obesity and aid in stimulating lymphatic system; flushing out the of the toxins.

Step 4

SLIM SONIC - Radiofrequency combined with vacuum

This is an advanced mechanism that involves the usage of two high end technologies; radio frequency and vacuum in a single treatment to achieve weight and inch loss.

Step 5

Physical Activity

The free fatty acids released after the ultrasound need to be utilized by achieving negative calorie balance through energy expenditure (physical activity).