VLCC Tummy Tuck for Men.
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The 4-step treatment plan

Step 1

Mechanical Therapy over the Target Area

The 1st step involves the use of the G5* machine on the Tummy. The multi-dimensional strokes and vibrations of the G5 increase the local temperature to stimulate the hypothalamus, which in turn leads to the vasodilation and increase of the oxygen & blood circulation to the peripheral area.

Step 2

Radio Frequency (RF)

The next step is a 30-minute Radio Frequency treatment focused on the middle abdomen and the love handles. This stage uses a hand piece emitting RF waves to cause the contraction of the existing collagen fires, encourage fibroblast migration and promote new collagen growth which results in loss of inches, fat breakdown, skin firming and tissue contraction.

Step 3

Body Belt

The third step is the use of the Body Belt on the abdomen for 5 minutes to produce heat within the dermis enhancing collagen synthesis resulting in tissue contraction and skin tightening.

Step 4

Combination of 3D Body Contour Power Dose Ampule + Manual Therapies

The final step involves a powerful combination of 3D Body Contour Power Dose Ampule and Manual Therapies. The manual application of the 3D Body Contour Power Dose Ampule ensures that ingredients selectively detach enlarged fat cells without destroying them. The formula of vegetal and algae origin extracts penetrates the skin layers to effectively contour the waistline, stimulate lipolysis and act as antioxidant which lead to healthier collagen and supportive skin structure.