See immediate results with the revolutionary


This advanced combination will give you instant results, which will be effective and sustainable, both in terms of weight loss, inch loss and detoxification.

Step 1

Ultrasound (for breaking down fat)

Ultrasound through cavitation initiates the process of lipolysis and provides fat (weight) loss, inch loss and reshaping of the body.

Step 2

Laser (enhances fat release)

This increases the permeability of adipocyte membrane, releasing triglycerides into free fatty acids (FFA). Laser helps in breaking the weight plateau so can be used in the stagnant phase of weight loss.

Step 3

Vacuum (for detoxification)

Creates negative pressure thus helps in stimulating and increasing lymphatic drainage, and removing metabolic waste for detoxification.

Step 4

Radio Frequency (helps in collagen synthesis)

This resulting in firming of skin. RF also helps in reducing fatigue and stress in muscles through negative vacuum pressure.