Clarifique Therapy

Effective Treatment for Acne, Oily and Congested Skin
Available exclusively at VLCC centres

Clarifique Treatment Kit


Phyto-Fruit Clay Peel

The deep-cleansing peel thoroughly purifies congested and imbalanced skin. The removal of dead skin and impurities allows skin to be fully oxygenated which promotes skin clarity. Skin feels clean, invigorated and fully prepped to absorb maximum benefits from subsequent steps.


Pore Refining Complex

Pore Refining Complex runs fluidly over skin, penetrating deep into pores to draw away excessive sebum and refine enlarged pores. A blend of calming and moisturizing actives nurtures and rebalances skin to increase suppleness and minimize the appearance of blemishes, blackheads and pores.


Precious Mineral Mask

Precious Mineral Mask eliminates the skin of impurities and strengthens its defense barrier for long-lasting clarity. An exclusive cellulose technology helps optimize nutrient absorption by propelling minerals deeper into skin layers. Skin functions are also optimized, enabling higher defense against blemishes and external aggressors. It further regulates healthy sebum levels and soothes blemish-related irritations


Hydra-Calming Pack

The Hydra-Calming Pack plunges skin into the cooling hydrating properties of nature’s soothing moisturizer, Aloe Vera. The gentle active imparts and seals in deep hydration to maintain healthy sebum levels. Alleviating skin irritations, it allows the skin a healthier barrier function while making it soft and supple.

*Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not resemble actual treatment methods.