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For several years now, VLCC has pioneered the wellness industry, establishing itself as the number 1 wellness brand both in India and internationally for its dedicated approach towards holistic, scientific and natural solutions that cater towards both the body and mind, from weight loss methods to therapeutic beauty solutions.

With a goal to EMPOWER through changing the way people look and feel and giving them a fresh and more positive perspective on life, VLCC has more than accomplished its Mission from day 1 in transforming the lives of men and women alike through beauty and wellness.

Services provided:

  • Spot reduction on stubborn body areas and weight loss body shaping
  • Overall health and fitness improvement
  • Enhance both Medical and Biochemical Parameters
  • Improve fitness and activity levels
  • Management and pain relief of aches and pains

With a strong belief in the importance of "Preventative and Curative Health Care" for overall wellness, we provide solutions for a 360-degree improvement and life transformation through our thorough understanding that no "one size fits all program" will help improve and maintain overall wellness.

Therefore, all our slimming programs have been customized to fit every customer’s special needs based on their current health and fitness status, body composition and most importantly their DNA screening followed by realistic needs and expectations.

Before our specialists provide their recommendations on the best weight loss program to follow, body composition is analyzed to assess body fat percentage and distribution, visceral fat levels, muscle mass, percentage of water (both intra and extra cellular) and fitness scores.

The fitness assessment is inclusive of Body mass index, muscle strength, medical checkup, posture, flexibility, history, waist circumference and height,waist-to-hip ratio and skin-fold test.

Our new series of DNA test panels have been highly successful in weight loss, as well as Predictive and Preventive Health Care and Management of existing medical conditions.

But before tackling obesity, genetic tests are performed that help customers understand their body and its tendency wards becoming obese and any other diseases that they might be susceptible to. And based on this screening, VLCC is able to assess and present the right recommendations and changes to be made in the individual’s diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Our services provide a catered bouquet of solutions specific to each person’s requirements with the correct combination of the most important factors of diet, exercise combined with a healthy lifestyle and hands on therapy to provide the most favorable results through the dedication and passion of our team of doctors, from physiotherapists, nutritionists, therapists and psychologists to trainers.

Weight-Loss Services Bouquet:

  • Weight Loss programs
  • Spot and body reduction therapies
  • Premium Specialized Therapies to tackle weight loss plateaus
  • Cryolipolysis for permanent fat reduction and body sculpting
  • Advanced technologies for weight loss
  • Skin firming, tightening and cellulite reduction programs
  • Ayurvedic Therapies
  • Get Well Soon Treatments for each medical case

Extensive studies have shownthat our Gut is the “Root System” of humans affecting our gastrointestinal tract, causing a various number of prevalent diseases from food intolerance to digestive and metabolic disorders to Irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, joint and back problems, sleep difficulty and a decline in overall wellbeing.

To tackle this epidemic, VLCC launched its Wellness Code, a super intense wellness program governed by the below scientific principles and designed to kick start the body’s self-healing mechanism to promote over all wellbeing and natural and healthy weight-loss:

  • Promoting relief, relaxation, recovery and regeneration through the body’s digestive system
  • The VLCC Gut Cleansers Vitality Program to Cleanse, Purify and Detoxify the gut
  • Correct and change eating habits and bad sleep patterns
  • Learn new de-stressing techniques through natural abdominal breathing and progressive relaxation

Tackle nutritional deficiencies throught VLCC’s Wellsciences Nutraceutical nutritional supplements

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