Specialized Treatment

VLCC is your partner for a complete suite of services that have been specially designed to enhance the wellness of your skin, body and spirit. Everything from our Make-up Boutiques to Beauty Zones to Ayurveda treatments and Day Spas, have been created to offer you a complete wellness package under a single roof. With highly trained professionals to assist and perform specialized services, VLCC hopes to empower you with wellness for life.

Make-Up Boutiques

The VLCC Make-up Boutique helps you look your best on the day it matters the most. Our professional make-up artists understand the requirements of every skin type and are highly talented at recognizing the kind of make-up that would beautifully compliment your skin tone and face structure.

The VLCC Premium Make-Up services are available at all centers and cater to all your make-up needs from special occasions, parties, engagements and weddings to simply putting you above the rest at any event with designer make-up.

Our Bridal and Pre- Bridal Packages are available for brides, grooms and their families, while our regular beauty packages are available to suit those who wish to look fabulous on a budget.

With the option to book in advance, we ensure that you are attended to in person and on time by our make-up artists.


An integral part of our philosophy of providing complete wellness at VLCC, we offer a range of Ayurvedic treatments. Available at select centers, the Ayurvedic therapies, imbibed with the secrets of ancient wisdom, are fine tuned to harmonize your mind, body and spirit.

Treatments and consultations are available to improve your skin, hair and overall health, and are administered only after our Ayurveda specialists determine your ‘dosha’ type.

Laser Treatments

The VLCC specialty laser centers offer non-invasive treatments and procedures to give you the freedom of flawless skin. Our highly skilled technicians are professionally trained in administering treatments and procedures such as permanent hair reduction, skin tightening, deep hyper-pigmentation treatment, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, acne and acne scar removal, tattoo removal and more.

Beauty Zones

The VLCC Beauty Zones enable you to take home the VLCC experience in a bag. Our specialty shops have on offer the complete range of VLCC’s in-house skin, hair and body care products. Developed using the best-in-class technology and only superior quality ingredients, visit one of our Beauty Zones to get yourself a bag of wellness.

Day Spa

The concept of wellness would rather seem incomplete without rejuvenating spa therapies. Thus, VLCC brings to you its Day Spa which is completely dedicated to help your mind, body and senses relax and unwind in the luxury of therapies hand-picked from across the world. Our expert therapists are well-trained in creating a soothing atmosphere, wherein you can let go of your stress and surrender to the gentle strokes of a massage of your choice, while basking in the aroma of fragrant essential oils.