Ask the Fitness Expert

Exercise should always be performed in a post absorptive condition to have optimal amount of blood available in circulation to the extremities. It is advisable to exercise either before eating meals or at least 2 hours after having a meal, once the food has digested.
BMR is directly proportional to the lean body (muscle) mass. A healthy balanced diet moderately high in proteins and regular physical activity patterns will help you to enhance your BMR. A higher BMR is related to a healthy weight.
Yes, when we are on weight training and exercising at a higher intensity, there is an increased muscle tone which leads to inch loss in addition to weight loss. However, when the muscle tone increases, there is an improvement in the lean body (muscle) mass. Muscle mass being 6 times heavier than fat indicates improvement in the body composition, however, weight loss is not evident despite inch loss.
There is no food which is complete in all the nutrients. Therefore, no fruit or vegetable is better than the other, every fruit and vegetable has certain nutrients and phyto nutrients providing different functions to the body. Hence, it is always advisable to take variety of fruits and vegetables.
Eating a balanced diet adequate for your body along with active and healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain the lost weight.

The professionals at VLCC plan a complete maintenance programme from you once the desired weight is achieved.