Hair Care

The health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Factors like genetics, excessive use of chemicals, illness, weather changes and poor circulation are the major causes behind issues like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair. Other factors like pollution, stress and an erratic lifestyle not only create havoc with the delicate internal balance of your body but also further contribute to aggravating these conditions.

VLCC’s range of International Hair Treatments not only helps restore balance, shine, volume and strength to your hair, but also aims at improving the overall health of your scalp. While our innovative cosmeceutical therapy helps solve hair and scalp anomalies, our Ayurvedic hair treatments are a harmonious mix of ancient remedies and modern day therapeutics created especially for your wellness.

Cosmeceutical Comfort

VLCC INTERNATIONAL HAIR TREATMENTS embody innovation in the realm of professional treatments. Creating a keen mix of the elements of Thalassotherapy & Aromatherapy, Cosmeceutical treatments judiciously bring to you the nutrition of rich resources of the sea such as oligo-elements & algae along with specific Aromacological Essences to remedy hair & scalp anomalies. Delivered under a unique method perfected by VLCC, these exclusive yet simple programmes offer maximum benefits along with holistic wellness for your hair.

The Rebalance therapy concentrates on restoring the fine moisture balance to your hair by absorbing excessive sebum and releasing elements to manage it, thereby leaving you with a grease-free scalp and a bounce in your hair.
The Purity therapy works to eliminate the residue produced by micro-organisms that cause irritation in the scalp, which eventually leads to dandruff. This therapy not only eliminates dandruff but leaves you with a squeaky clean scalp that provides a healthy foundation for strong hair growth.
The Comfort therapy is targeted to soothe your sensitive scalp. The calming & energizing action of the therapy helps soothe allergies and sensitive areas along with stimulating the follicles for healthy growth.
The Vitality therapy infuses your hair with essential nutrients and minerals to prolong their lifespan while making them stronger and more resistant, thereby helping you manage the menace of hair fall effectively.
The Reconstruction therapy has been developed especially for dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. The therapy nourishes the hair follicle to restores moisture and thereby the hair fiber. It also purifies the epidermic surface that helps get rid of frizz and split ends leaving you with shiny, strong hair.

VLCC Ayurvedic Hair Treatments

Suitable for all hair types, the clear defense treatment is your ayurvedic solution against dandruff. The therapy provides necessary nourishment and cleansing to the scalp through a revitalizing ozone treatment that uses non-greasy hair tonics.
Keratin happens to be the life force behind hair growth. One of the reasons for rapid hair fall can be low levels of keratin. During therapy hair oils enriched with natural keratin are applied to the scalp and roots to make them stronger and thereby reduce hair fall.
Dry hair and hair damaged due to the use of excessive styling products or chemicals are generally weak, limp, lack luster and are unmanageable. Hydra hair therapy provides the hair and scalp with the essential as a result of which shine is restores and hair become smooth and easily manageable.
A stimulating head massage is a vital element of any hair care routine. While a healthy diet and nourishing therapies at regular intervals are essential to maintain the health of your tresses, a head massage encompasses multiple benefits. Along with improving overall circulation in the scalp, a head massage ensures that the vitamins and minerals in the oil seep into the hair follicle and provide nourishment inside out. At VLCC, we offer you the flexibility to choose an oil of your own or simply sit back and relax as our professionals choose an oil best suited for your hair type and massage away your stress for a complete wellness experience.