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The face is the most vulnerable part of the body that is constantly exposed to everyday pollution, heat, dirt and dust. Day in and night out, this takes a toll on your appearance by making way for tan, wrinkles, acnes, dull skin to name a few. These refuse to budge despite implementing a skin care routine.

The skincare experts at VLCC analyze your skin type and hand pick the best treatments with the choicest ingredients. Post this, they carry out an extensive cleanup process to eradicate traces of dirt and tan. It may be the simplest skincare routine, but they ensure that every step is carried out in a perfect manner so that you benefit from it instantly.

Here’s a low down on what we do:

  1. Basic Cleansing – Sandalwood cleansing milk/Wild Turmeric/Melia for deep-action cleansing of the impurities.
  2. Toning – Pure Rose water that helps restore the PH balance.
  3. Scrubbing – Mud-based or Oatmeal scrub mixed with Rose water helps in removing dead skin cells.
  4. Face Pack – After the clean-up, we make use of a face-pack such as Blueberry pack for Dry Skin ,Insta Glow Pack for Normal Skin , Cucumber Pack for Oily Skin and Clove Pack for Acne Prone Skin.

You can also opt for our basic and advanced facials range for an everlasting glow on your face.

Basic Facials

Our basic facials are the best value for money and is inclusive of exotic ingredients that leads to brilliant radiance. It works on your complexion and helps remove pigmentation, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles by polishing the skin and detoxifying it. Our basic facials include the VLCC Fruit Facial and Ayurveda Facial, which ensure that your skin appears youthful with a natural glow.

Advanced Facials

VLCC’s advanced facials range is from Bellewave Switzerland and have tremendous benefits associated with them. Powered by the Swiss Bio-Technology, it brings forth the exclusive range of Swiss products that are a unique blend of nature and science that address several skin issues in a single sitting.

A glimpse of what our advanced facials consist of:

  • Neurogist Facial– Powered with DiamondLite 60, this has 125 times more anti-oxidant activity than Vitamin C. It brightens the complexion and alleviates pigmentation with 3-D White Complex (7 potent lightening activators) along with YouthWhite complex. These same ingredients also boost collagen production and thwarts ageing.
  • Stem-Cellogist Facial– Powered by a patented technology, this facial reduces wrinkles and lines to a great extent. It works by activating skin stem cells’ ability for renewal and works from the core of the skin itself. The highlight of the facial is the Japanese ingredient Sea Caviar or Sea Green Grape, which also adds to the skin’s youthfulness.
  • 2X Whitening Glow Facial Treatment (Blanc Precision)– The name of this facial indicates that how it can help treat tanned, dull and uneven skin tone. Thep power of the whitening active ingredients penetrate the skin layers using nanotechnology. It also uses hydrating agents and protective antioxidants to give your skin a cherubic, healthy glow while its Intelligent Targeting of Pigmentation offers a lasting fairness.
  • Fermatique Brilliance Essencious Facial- This is an exotic facial with is powered with active ‘Precious Culture Dew’. The facial is best for dull skin or skin that has lost its radiance and a youthful sheen due to the power of fermentation. The nutrients in the facial drives deeper in the layers and nourishes it from within.
  • Seed Affinity Essencious Facial-The pack is loaded with the goodness of 6 seed extracts and Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. The facial is best for those whose skin shows the first sights of aging and dull complexion as it hydrates and helps in adding to the firmness. 
  • Planktonic Power Essencious Facial– The highlight of the facial is ‘Ocean Placenta Complex”, which includes marine vegetables and sea plankton that are loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Vital fusion mineral water. The facial becomes your line of defense for oxidative stress and extensive UV damage. It also restores the skin’s mineral balance and builds its resistance to offer a soft and supple texture.
  •  HydroGlacier Therapy™ Professional– For skin that is dry and dehydrated, the HydroGlacier therapy instantly boosts moisture content. The facial includes a number of hydro-intelligent actives such as Lactic acid, Plant Placenta (Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, and Pueraria Lobata Root Extract) & HA3 Complex. Overall, it helps protect the skin against pre-mature photo-aging and wards off wrinkle formation or loss of elasticity.
  • Visionenergy-  If you are targeting the eye contour area, nothing compares to Visionenergy that has innovative cellular science in its core. It is powered by several potent actives, Skin Cellular ATP, Infrared Energy Wave and Patented Bio Matrix Trans-Dermal Technology that not only keeps superficial signs of aging in check, but also prevents a plethora of future skin defects.
  • Oxygenique Therapy- One of the best treatments that increases your skin’s health, Oxygenique Therapy is a 4-step intensive program that is powered by pure encapsulated Oxygen molecules and includes fermented sweet black tea extract, O2 sphere and sodium hyaluronate. We recommend this facial for all those who want to increase the benefits of topically applied skincare solutions.
  • Outbreak Extinguisher– This facial with Wild Yam extract, Rosa damascana flower water and volcanic origin clay is for all those who have oily and acne-prone skin. It purifies the skin and soothes it gently, yet effectively with exfoliators such as Lactic and Mandelic Acid.It also regulates sebum production and gets rid of all the excess oil. As a result, your skin stays matte and without any unwanted oily-glisten!
  • 7X Ultra Rejuvenating Charcoal Facial– This facial tackles not one but 7 unique skin problems and helps in 360-degree skin rejuvenation. The Activated Charcoal absorbs skin toxins, Vitamin C lightens and brightens the skin, Vitamin A tightens and makes skin supple, Vitamin E restores UV-damage, Rose Flower Water restores the Ph Balance, Laminaria Extract offers deep pore cleansing & reduces acne, and Sea Algae speeds up the stem cells reproduction. The best part is that it suits all skin types, including combination skin.

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