Outstanding dues to creditors: As per the materiality policy approved by the Board for identification of material creditors, such creditor of the Company, on a standalone basis, shall be considered to be material for the purpose of disclosure in the Offer Documents and on its website, if amounts due to any one of them exceeds 5% of standalone trade payables as per the last standalone audited financial statements of our Company.

In accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 (“SEBI Regulations”), as amended, please see below a list of creditors of VLCC Health Care Limited as on March 31, 2015, on a standalone basis:

Particulars Number of creditors Aggregate amount due
(in Rs. Million)
Amount due less than Rs. 1 Lac 1072 26.28
Amount due more than Rs. 1 Lac and less than Rs. 5 Lacs 172 37.02
Amount due more than Rs. 5 Lacs and less than Rs. 10 Lacs 27 18.62
Amount due more than Rs.10 Lacs 24 149.14
Total 1295 231.06
Expense Payable 177.91
Trade Payable 408.96

Of these, two were material creditors including one subsidiary company, the details of the same are available in the Offer Document of the Company available at www.sebi.gov.in.

Please note that this information is being provided pursuant to provisions of Schedule VIII (Part A)(2)(X)(A)(2)(iii) of the SEBI Regulations and is not a part of the draft red herring prospectus dated September 23, 2015 (“DRHP”), filed with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Potential investors should not rely on the information provided herein for any investment decisions.