Are you aiming multiple weight management benefits but don’t have the time for separate treatments? For busybodies like you, VLCC presents Curve Expert Therapy, which is an all-in-one treatment that targets weight loss, overall body shaping, spot reduction of target areas, skin firming and tightening and other similar specialized services.

What to expect from VLCC Curve Expert Therapy?

Curve Expert from VLCC is a holistic therapy that offers you a highly intensive and comprehensive body shaping service that helps you target stored fat and cellulite. This, in turn, results in a smooth and a sculpted body contour.

How does the Curve Expert Therapy work?

Curve Expert therapy is exclusive to VLCC and uses highly purified natural ingredients along with sophisticated modern technology to speed up the process of weight loss. This revolutionary therapy is carried out only by our trained experts so that you derive maximum benefits.

It all starts with meeting our expert consultant for your body composition analysis (BCA). You’ll be then advised a custom diet and exercise regime apart from a weight loss program specifically tailored to meet your needs.

This modern technology uses Ultracavitation to break down complex fats which will be burnt easier during exercise and thanks to the highly purified natural extracts such as race minerals and electrolytes, gels and power dose serums that have more than 20 naturally occurring ingredients like Ivy, Butcher Broom extracts, Carnitine, Algae extract, Ginseng, Allantoin, etc.

As soon as you start your sessions you will avail several results.

  • A complete body contouring system
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Deep cleansing and purging of toxins
  • Releasing water retention
  • Reinforcing firming and sculpting
  • Elevating metabolism
  • Restoring skin softness and suppleness

By the end of the therapy, you’ll have a figure that everyone envies! Along with this, you’ll also be advised on maintain the weight with suitable modifications to your lifestyle.

Who can benefit from the therapy?

This therapy works not just for people who have weight issues, but also for new mothers who want to get back in shape soon after their delivery. Those who have trouble with water retention and texture of the skin are other possible candidates.

Immediate results:

  • Weight Loss up to 500gms
  • Spot Reduction 4 to 6 cm
  • Full Body Cm Loss 10 to 15 cms

*Results May Vary

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