Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment

We’ll all be super rich if we had a dirham for every time we thought of the stubborn fat lodged in the waist and tummy areas. This holds true for both men and women, who feel low on confidence because of this reason.

VLCC offers the best solution for this problem in the form of its WTTT or Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment.

Who Should Opt For This Treatment?

  • People who find lack of time for exercise and have lack of movement due to busy lifestyle
  • People at higher risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension
  • People whose diet is off the track
  • People who want a slimmer, toned and firmer waist and tummy

How does the WTT Treatment work?

The WTT Treatment is a 4-step process:

Step 1 – Isolation

Specially formulated ingredients help stimulate metabolism and excess fluid elimination along with increasing the blood flow. It also helps convert fats to energy for muscle utilization.

Step 2 – Activation and Lypolysis

In this step, a concentrated formulation containing herbal and vegetable extracts, helps activate and burn the fat cells. The extracts have different properties that help tone the skin and are rich in anti-oxidants, leading to smooth and firmer waistline.

Step 3 – Slimming Contour Wrap and Mechanical Stimulation

We apply a special contouring wrap that includes a tummy sculpting technique. This helps in the complete absorption of the activator gel. Furthermore, the mechanical stimulation can detach the adipose cells and also breaks down the stubborn fats.

Step 4 – Daily Fat Burn and Firming

The last step is to use our special WTT gel on a daily basis, as recommended by our in-house experts. This will ensure best results.

Benefits of the 3D WTT program:

  • Lose 7 Kgs and 25 cms in 5 weeks
  • One session offers reduction of 5 cms and 400 gms
  • Increased metabolic rates
  • No downtime

Get into shape without further ado with the VLCC 3D WTT treatment today! We’re here to offer you consultation for the most effective results.

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