Vitron dou Treatment

One problem that many people fear and in many cases face when losing weight is the excess skin that remains behind as you slim down and lose fat, and we find ourselves wishing for the perfect solution that will help you lose weight, shape up and tighten the skin simultaneously.

This is no longer a dream because VTRON Duo’s is a completely safe FDA-approved, non-invasive and revolutionary treatment, combining the three main parts for your body together, weight loss, body contouring and skin tightening treatment to ensure a perfect shape without loose skin.

Our FDA-approved, non-invasive solution uses multi-channel RF (Radio Frequency) through different levels of dermal penetration on targeted problem areas to lead to weight loss through more accurate and faster results.

The multiple RF channel provides optimized results because of the precise targeting of treatment areas with a boarder penetration, power targeting problem areas, in addition to tightening of the skin through stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the main elements for firmer skin.

Another bonus is the cellulite reduction as the RF power targets cellulite pockets from sensitive to thicker areas on the skin on your body.

The machine applicator uses a single part for weight loss, shaping and tightening unlike other machines that use more than one applicator. This allows a complete solution of 30 minutes per session on problem areas such as waist, stomach and thighs for

-Weight loss

-Body firming

-Collagen and elastin production

-Less visible cellulite

-Targets problem areas

Experience the benefits of the VTRON Duo first-hand yourself and try it out!

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