Regene Eye

The eye is a special part of the body, which needs a lot of care. This includes the highly sensitive area surrounding the eye as well, which can become dull, dark, rough due to several factors. It can also start developing bags and wrinkles, making you look older than you are!

VLCC offers complete skin care solutions, including the ReGene Eye treatment. It is a new, anti-aging treatment containing OPC, which makes natural and visible age reversal a possibility. It is based on dermatology and cosmetology research and can be effective to smoothen the fine lines and creases around your eyes.

The treatment will require at least 6 sessions, each of them lasting about 75 minutes. The treatment includes massage techniques that are administered by our experts. Compared to other anti-aging treatments, it is way more effective.

Benefits of ReGene Eye Treatment:

  • High dose of OPC with vitamins C and E
  • Excellent anti-ageing process
  • Skin is more firm and radiant
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Skin is hydrated and smoothened
  • Visible results from the first session
  • 20-50 times more effective than other anti-aging treatments

The professional range of products is a staple at our center and we make sure that you derive maximum benefits from it without spending a fortune!

Need more details? Visit us and let our experts provide you a customized treatment plan.

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