Do you have cellulite and fat accumulation wreaking havoc? These problem will only multiply as you age and losing weight or inches become more difficult. We at VLCC have a unique treatment to address this issue with a single session slimming concept.

Known as the ‘Liposonic Express’, the non-surgical method delivers on the spot weight and inch loss, no matter how stubborn the fat is.

How does Liposonic work?

The entire process of Liposonic is a combination of ultrasound, vacuum, radio frequency and manual lymphatic drainage along with light aerobic exercises. Together, these processes help you attain your weight loss goals. The steps in the process include:

  • Mechanical Therapy – Creates a thermal effect to increase the local body temperature. This, in turn, helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • Ultrasound – In this step, ultrasound waves create a “cavitation effect” to break the cell wall and release the free fatty acids, which are removed via the lymphatic system. The remaining ones are managed using a negative calorie balance of diet and activity.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage – A dry massage combination of Thai Yoga, reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage is our answer to treat water retention and obesity. The step stimulates the lymphatic system and flushes out the toxins from the body.
  •  Slimsonic– This advanced technique is a mix of radiofrequency and vacuum for both weight and inch loss.
  • Physical activity– This helps remove the excess of the free fatty acids.

Overall Liposonic guarantees weight loss of up to 1 kg and inch loss of up to 10 cm. Each session lasts for about 90 minutes and is completely safe and devoid of side-effects or downtime. The first session itself will guarantee visible results.

Are you ready for a transformed appearance? Visit your nearest VLCC center to experience the tremendous effects of Liposonic.

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The complete session lasts for up to 90 mins.

Yes, it is Safe and free of side-effects. The treatment is simple and non-surgical designed to help you lose weight with ease and comfort.
You can resume your daily routine immediately after the session.
We guarantee visible and immediate results from the first session. Users have experienced a firmer and smoother appearance post the treatment.

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