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Grooming is something that needs to be irrespective of the gender. Looking good makes you feel good about yourself, gives you a sure and certain confidence boost along with enhancing your personality.

For men out there, a neat, classic haircut will bring out the gentleman in you, a funky hair style will make your lady love go weak in the knees! As for the women, having a Rapunzel-like hair is no longer a dream when you opt for the best hair care treatments.

Apart from taking care of your mane, grooming also covers how you look from top to toe. This is where you need to opt for manicure and pedicure, which will add to your stylish appearance within no time.

We at VLCC understand these subtle nuances and use the tools, techniques and products that suit your hair type and your personality of course! We promise that each grooming session will be customized to suit your skin and hair type.

Our team of men’s experts will pay complete attention-to-detail and meet your grooming needs. They will ensure that you get a first-rate job right from the moment you step into our salon. They are trained to exceed your expectations by offering extensive hair care services such as hair spa and massages without breaking your bank. Even when you want a complete transformation, we make sure that you receive the best options, be it a new hair color, a new hair or a beard style etc.

As you opt for a grooming session with us, you will understand what makes VLCC special. We also offer make up and semi-permanent make up services for all those who want to look sharp from head to toe for any event or occasion.

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