Glycolic Peel

Battling with hormonal and age-related skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, spots, uneven complexion is common for both men and women. These issues can’t be treated using over-the-counter products if you’re seeking long-lasting solutions. This is where chemical peels come to your rescue.

VLCC offers several chemical peels that offer relief from several skin problems. Our Glycolic Peel for instance is one of the best options when you need results within a couple of sessions as it includes glycolic acid, which is a fruit acid derived from sugar cane. It works great for doing away with signs of ageing and managing uneven skin tone and texture. Overall, it repairs the skin with its alpha hydroxyl family of natural ingredients, leaving it fresh and soft.

The peel doesn’t have any side-effects as such, but after the procedure, you may feel slight burning sensation and redness, which go away in no time. For best results though, you may have to opt for more than one session as guided by our in-house experts!

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