Journey Towards Wellness

When you enroll for slimming services with VLCC, you not only embark on a journey to good health and a fit body, but are also put on the path to complete wellness. With a thorough wellness analysis being part of all our slimming programs, many of our clients discovered the fact that their weight gain was either a result of, or accompanied by uncontrolled medical conditions such as Hypertension, Hypothyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, Hyperinsulinemia, Arthritis, etc.

Each month more than 28,000 clients enroll with VLCC. Out of these only 31 % are aware of their medical status of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or high sugar levels, which are all warning signs of obesity-associated disorders. Our clients who experience slow weight loss or exhibit symptoms of associated medical conditions are generally asked to get relevant medical tests done. This practice has helped many realize and discover their hidden medical conditions such as hypertension, hypothyroid, PCOS, diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, anemia, hyperprolactinemia, gall stones and at times even multiple problems, which need immediate medical attention. The wellness program is then customized according to their medical conditions.

During the program, our highly qualified professionals also consult and interact with the family physician of the clients. This not only helps in coordinating wellness procedures with other treatments, but also helps effectively manage the conditions. Due to our continued efforts, holistic approach and diagnosis, early intervention has been possible in a number of cases and medical conditions have been managed at an initial level. From our immense treasure of information, we share below a few case studies of our esteemed clients. All of these exceptional individuals suffered from different health concerns. We catalogue their stories herein for the benefit of our readers, with the hope that they shall be a guiding force for you to understand and chalk out a plan for yourself on the journey towards Wellness.

Of all the rights a woman has, the greatest is to be a mother. VLCC has helped thousands of women identify their underlying problem of PCOS and not only helped them achieve desired weight loss, but has also helped a few fulfill their desire of becoming a mother. Research shows that excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat affects the functioning of the reproductive system and moderate obesity is generally a symptom of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Effective weight loss for obese women with PCOS not only improves their hormonal condition, but also reduces insulin sensitivity, regulates menstrual function and improves fertility rate. VLCC offers a program amalgamative of physical exercise, specialized therapies and skin rejuvenation programs (as PCOS clients are more prone to acne) to assist in weight loss and hormone regulation. Functional foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are suggested to PCOS clients, who are at an increased risk of developing heart diseases, as these are one of the dietary recommendations.

With diabetes rates soaring across the world, VLCC does its share to help manage the situation by offering a comprehensive wellness program customized for diabetics. The program helps achieve optimal glycemic control along with weight loss. The program encompasses passive exercise sessions, specialized therapies, and the planning of a well balanced diet with a focus on low glycemic index, functional food. Our diabetic clients not only witnessed a significant decrease in BMI and waist circumference when on the program, but also noticed a reduction in fasting and post meal blood glucose levels, which was a major relief for most. In addition to the improvement in their lipid profile, liver function tests also showed a positive shift.
Osteoporosis and Arthritis are painful conditions that only get worse with weight gain. VLCC not only assists in healthy weight loss through Negative Calorie Balance, but also ensures that clients, especially those with weak bones, are advised a diet with the right proportion of Calcium and Magnesium, ideally in the ratio of 2:1.

Our team of professionals offers their combined expertise to provide relief from weight issues while integrating therapies for either of the conditions. We recommend a wellness program that offers weight loss by combining the right amount of strengthening and weight bearing exercises, co-ordination and balance techniques, specialized therapies for muscle toning and skin firming as well as analgesic therapies for joint pains and combating the effects of ageing.

One of the most prominent and inconvenient symptoms of hypothyroidism is a slow metabolism. In simple words, hypothyroid patients have a greater tendency of gaining weight. With the guidance of our highly qualified professionals and interventions at VLCC clients did not just lose weight, but also experienced a positive change in their overall wellness. Their TSH investigations showed a drastic improvement in the thyroid profile and the dosage of drugs was also subsequently reduced.