While the progress of a society depends on the businesses that thrive in its environment, the success of a business too depends on the stability of that society. The well being of one depends directly on the well being of the other. Thus, corporates need to understand and redefine their roles in order to fulfill their social responsibilities. They need to look beyond government-initiated development programs and take charge of directing initiatives aimed towards improving the health and standard of living of their community.

Following this ideology, VLCC defines the initiative of fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility along two broad parameters. The first is by directly contributing towards the eradication of obesity and educating the populace about the menace that it is, and secondly by supporting institutions that are committed towards improving the wellbeing of under privileged sections of the society.

VLCC believes that beauty is inherent in each and every soul, and that everyone can shine in a just and fair society, where equal opportunity would not simply be a dream. As a small step towards realizing this vision, VLCC has instituted the ‘VLCC Foundation’. This Foundation undertakes activities for the development of local communities and works in association with various NGOs across India to transform lives. Besides a beauty training school run by VLCC at Sangam Vihar, the group has lent its support to various social initiatives such as causes supported by non-profit organizations and disaster relief like Tsunami, amongst others.

The “VLCC Foundation” runs various programs to provide health and education support to the underprivileged. It also aids rehabilitation schemes for the physically challenged. The Foundation regularly organizes health check-up camps that offer services including cardiology, gynecology and diabetes, amongst others.

VLCC, through the VLCC Foundation, has also embarked on a drive to raise funds both directly and through its network to offer monetary support to trusted NGOs that have a consistent record of deploying funds fruitfully into projects aligned with the national objective of eradicating poverty. VLCC is committed to various recognized NGOs whose existing contributions towards the poorer section of the society are distinctively visible.