Radiant beauty is what emanates from a fit and healthy body. Our programmes not only work towards enhancing your beauty momentarily, but aim to equip you with wellness for life.

Under our holistic approach, we care for your body, mind, and spirit. To achieve a state of holistic wellbeing for you, our professionals look at the bigger picture and analyze how different elements interact with each other before suggesting a particular programme. Therefore, we offer cosmetological, dermatological, nutritional and medical consultations free with every programme in order to understand the underlying causes and correct them with lasting results. So when you walk in for a skin/hair concern, our doctor/beauty head and nutritionist/dietician also confer with you besides the appointed professional.

We offer personalized, solution oriented skin and hair therapies with necessary interventions and treatments being administered from time to time by experts. Each service is analyzed by a specialist– Beauty Consultant/ Doctor/ Dermatologist to determine whether a single sitting would suffice or an entire course would be required.

Our wellness treatments range from specialized programmes to tackle acne, hyper pigmentation, ageing, dandruff, hair loss and damaged hair to general skin and hair care services that help you maintain your gorgeous self.

Our treatments are a harmonious blend of cosmetological, dermatological, cosmeceutical, and Ayurvedic treatments, forms and principles delivered using only the latest equipment and technology. Wherever required, a scientific combination of specialized appliances with the products is used for best results. Each treatment is carried out by a professional using result oriented, time tested and scientific products that not only heal the surface but get to the root cause.

As delivering results has always been a priority at VLCC, we maintain detailed and systematic records of your progress during the programme. With holistic treatments, carefully developed products and the individual attention of our experts you will experience the joy of holistic healing.

Skin Care and Skin Treatments

The VLCC Skin Care and Skin Treatments range of services is all about improving the wellness of your skin. Our highly skilled professionals suggest treatments only after thoroughly examining your skin type. Treatments range from the traditional and wholesome: Herbal, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy, Talassotherapy; to the very latest bio-technological wonders: Cosmeceutical and Nature Tec therapies that harmoniously combine technology with the goodness of nature for astounding results.

Hair Care & Hair Treatments

The VLCC Hair Care & Hair Treatments range is all about maintaining and enhancing the wellness of your hair. Our wide range of services includes offering you the latest trends and techniques in creative styling, coloring, extensions, permanent waving, straightening and rebonding.

Our hair care experts have just the right solution for every hair problem which could include hair-loss, dandruff, rough, dry or damaged hair. Our International range of hair treatments, which derive inspiration from the sea and are blended with Aroma oils, work by remineralising, soothing, deep conditioning and rejuvenating your hair and scalp for lasting effects.

Dermatological Treatments And Procedures

The VLCC range of Dermatological Treatments and Procedures is all about MAINTENANCE. Our professionally trained dermatologists can carry out a range of Chemical Peels, Dermabrasions, Botox sessions, Fillers, Laser procedures and more to help you maintain your beauty and youthful appeal.

Regular Beauty Services

The VLCC range of Regular Beauty Services is all about PAMPERING your body. You can choose to treat your hands to luxurious manicures or relax with an aroma body massage. Opt for a clean-up with exfoliation or Italian Rica wax to flaunt flawless skin. Our highly trained professionals always have the right solution to take care of your beauty needs and contribute to your wellbeing.

Specialised Services

The VLCC Specialised Services range is all about INDULGENCE. With special make-up packages to enhance your beauty on every occasion to Ayurveda treatments that improve your wellness, the VLCC professionals ensure a superior experience each time.

Our laser centers offer highly advanced skin correction procedures, while our day spas are equipped to nurture your mind, body and soul. And while our nail-bars help you dress up your nails, our beauty zones enable you to the take home the VLCC experience in a package.