My weight had always been on the higher side, but after my recent visit to UK, I really put on weight and it started to show. Comments started flowing in about my weight and was really in a fix about the remedy. Then I decided to try VLCC ‘s weight loss services out. And within two months I was a different person. I lost some good amount of weight and more importantly gained a lot of confidence. Now where I go, people ask me about the new me and I have only one word to say – VLCC !!
Ms. Pushpa Sharma, 55 years of age, housewife and has lost 17 kgs down from 72kgs to 55kgs.
Coming from a middle class Nepali family and wife of the government office employee, my lifestyle involved a lot of social visits with my husband and otherwise too. At 78 kgs, my weight always attracted attention and sometimes also made me upset. I tried walking and dieting as suggested by friends and relatives but all those did not help much. Then I learnt about VLCC. I enrolled for a weight loss program and within two months, I had lost a drastic amount of weight and everyone started noticing and complementing me for the same. However, I must say I was very impressed and satisfied with the program offered by VLCC and helping and cordial nature of the staff at VLCC. My diet and weight was monitored regularly, and I felt healthier and happier as the Kgs kept disappearing. I eventually lost more than 15 kgs and give all credit to VLCC for bringing the transformation, both physical and mental.
Asha, 38 years old