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Charcoal Diamond Glow Facial

Skin tends to attract a lot of dirt, pollution and dust that over time, settles down and forms a layer on your skin. The results are acne, dull and dry skin, pigmentation and the list goes on.

Keeping this in mind, we at VLCC bring to you a facial that will deeply purify, protect and rejuvenate your skin from all kinds of impurities. VLCC Charcoal Diamond Glow Facial is powered with ‘Activated Charcoal’ which inherently has properties to cleanse out deeply imbedded impurities from the skin pores thus reviving your complexion from within.

Key Benefits of the Wonder Ingredient- Activated Charcoal:-

  • Provides elasticity & much needed hydration to dull and tired skin
  • Deep cleansing mechanism removes dirt and oil from the skin and helps get rid of harmful toxins that our skin tends to attract from the external environment
  • Helps get rid of acne, scars & blemishes

Also endowed with the goodness of other key active ingredients such as:

  • Tea tree oil - an excellent ingredient for treating acne
  • Niacinamide - helps strengthen outer layer of the skin
  • Licorice extract - helps brighten skin complexion
  • Mulberry extract - helps clear dark spots

Key Benefits of the Facial:-

  • Skin Whitening
  • Brightening & Glow
  • Anti Acne
  • Skin Detoxification
  • De-Tanning

This ‘All-skin-type’ charcoal facial with its 5 core benefits is a must for revitalizing your skin in the age where dust, pollution and harsh environmental conditions is something which is an ongoing day to day phenomena of our lifestyle!

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