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Coolsculpting Get Upto 35% Off

Have you ever wondered how only lifestyle management can get you fit but not in your dream shape?

Has trying out clothes at trial rooms hurt your confidence? A bulge from here, a little tummy popping out there? Has the multiple mirrors scared you so much that you always end up picking clothes a size bigger than your own?

Happens...to most of us. We look at pictures on the magazine and dream about that amazingly sculpted body on the page. Each of us face the problem of stubborn bulges, our metabolisms, body type are different hence exercise and diet affect us in different timelines. Love handles, tummy fat, fatty areas in arms & thighs are really common issues.

Cool Facts about CoolSculpting

100% Non - Invasive
US FDA Approved
Negligible/No Downtime

How does Coolsculpting work?

As a proven and popular treatment, Coolsculpting has revolutionized slimming by helping patients to loose fat without compromising on their diet and rigorous routines with no time to exercise. Coolsculpting has worked wonders for those who have been able to reduce weight but have not been able to reduce stubborn fat from specific areas of the body. As certain areas of our body are fattier than others, some of these areas are hard to shape naturally. Coolsculpting therefore is the answer for lasting beauty with slimming and body contouring effects like no other.

An US-FDA approved treatment, Coolsculpting involves a revolutionary technology that aids permanent fat loss for the desirable slimming effect. Using a non-surgical, non-invasive technology known as crylipolysis, VLCC Coolsculpting reshapes the body and removes excess fat bulges from the skin without affecting the skin. The treatment uses a fat freezing system where in stubborn fats in the body are first identified. The treatment can be done on small or large parts of the body depending upon the patient’s requirements. Most popular areas to get coolsculpting done are belly, arms, thighs, buttocks and chin. The treatment at first freezes the fat cells from the fatty areas, thus killing them by subjecting them to unbearably cold temperatures. This does not harm the skin and only disables the fat cells. The cells then gradually exit the body with the natural process of elimination within a few weeks, providing you with desirable results.

  • Removes excessive fat
  • Naturally eliminates fat from the body
  • Reshapes & contour the body
  • Spot and stubborn fat reduction
  • Firms and tightens the skin

Watch Doctor Anju Ghei explain Coolsculpting:

Is Coolsculpting for you?

Coolsculpting is the right solution for you if you have stubborn fat in the following body parts: