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VLCC DNA Wellness Panel


DNA, is a complex molecule that contains all of the information necessary to build and maintain an organism. All living things have DNA within their cells.

However, DNA does more than specify the structure and function of living things — it also serves as the primary unit of heredity in organisms of all types. In other words, whenever organisms reproduce, a portion of their DNA is passed along to their offspring.

All of us live in the same world, we breathe the same air and wake up to the same sun. But, there is one thing that makes us unique - our DNA and it is this uniqueness which is brought forward by “VLCC DNA Wellness” which is a special initiative to understand and co-relate your genes with specific Health and Wellness parameters

VLCC introduces a new series of DNA Test Panels for Weight loss, Predictive and Preventive Health Care and lastly Management of an existing Medical condition.

Under this platform, we would be providing a list of genetic tests that help individuals understand their tendency towards Obesity and also lifestyle diseases and also to understand the right changes to be made in diet, exercise and lifestyle to avoid the same.



DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) is a chemical molecule present in all our cells and is responsible for directing body functions and structure.


The genetic makeup of an individual allows us to understand:

  1. Balance between diet and exercise needed for Obesity and Disease Management
  2. Tendency towards Nutrient deficiencies
  3. Most appropriate Exercise Pattern
  4. Right combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the diet
  5. Tendency towards certain diseases


DNA screening is recommended for all ages. This is once in a lifetime test. Every individual is born with a set of genes which does not change throughout the life.

How ?

This is a non-invasive test. Just a saliva sample is sufficient to get the DNA based Genetic Screening conducted.

VLCC DNA Wellness Program

VLCC offers a range of DNA Wellness Panels and based on the specific need of every individual, the most appropriate panel is shortlisted and the test conducted.


Benefit: Weight Loss Panel is of two kinds based on Presence / Absence of a Medical condition

With focus on Weight Management, this paneI identifies the most suitable distribution of macronutrients to be taken, best exercise regime to be followed, tendency of weight loss and weight regain and associated parameters for sustained weight loss.


Benefit: Weight Loss Panel for stubborn weight loss cases. This panel is extremely beneficial for those individuals who have very slow weight loss or are unable to lose weight despite trying their best.

Over and above the benefits of the Weight loss basic scan, this indepth panel further studies more genes to identify the tendencies contributing towards slow / stagnant weight loss, tendencies towards certain food intolerances, tendency towards Appetite regulation and much more !


Benefit: This scan is done for identification of the individual’s tendency towards absorption / deficiency of a specific Nutrient and mapping requirements of right combination of nutrients for preventive health management or for managing health issues related to anaemia, fatigue, migraine, bone health , rashes etc


This DNA Panel is meant for individuals having certain health issues / or want to know their tendencies towards certain Medical conditions such as Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension, Bone Health and many more.


Benefit: This Panel focuses on tendencies towards occurrence / Management of PCOS and the best intervention strategies which can help in better management of Resistance associated with PCOS. The intervention strategies focus both on Dietary as well as Activity regime.

Bone Health

Benefit: Useful for individuals with family history of or suffering from bone health related issues such as arthritis, joint pains, frequent fractures, ligament tear, Osteoporosis etc, This Panel also helps in exercise optimisation for individuals with tendency towards / having weak bone health and mapping injury risk.

Hypertension and Heart Health

Benefit: Useful for individuals with family history of or suffering from Cardiac health issues such as hypertension, atherosclerosis etc and for managing and prevention of heart problems. This Panel highlights tendency prediction towards heart related problems like CVD , CAD, hypertension, tendency towards specific nutrient deficiency etc.

Further it even indicates the tendencies towards response to Intervention Strategies and the best Dietary and Exercise regime for the Prevention / Management of cardiac issues.


Benefit: Useful for individuals with family history of or suffering from Type II Diabetes. It indicates tendency prediction of Type II Diabetes and the response tendencies towards Management with IR using right balance of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins and an appropriate exercise regime, impact of specific food intolerance , impact of exercise on IR management and much more.

Gastric Distress

Benefit: Helpful for individuals with family history of or suffering from gastric problems such as acidity, bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, inability to lose weight or to gain muscle mass. This panel further indicates tendencies of specific food intolerance induced health issues such as colitis, conditions like osteoarthritis and other gut health related issues. Further this Panel also indicates response tendencies towards management of gastric issues using partial, complete or conditional elimination of specific foods responsible for the gastric distress and intolerance.


Benefit: This comprehensive panel for overall health management contains all features of the combined health panels such as Diabetes, Cardiac Health, Gastric Distress, Bone health and further also includes special focus on liver health and oxidative stress. It also indicates the response tendencies towards inflammation management such as frequent infections, body pain, fatigue etc


Benefit: Comprehensive skin health panel for tendency prediction of skin rashes, acne, sun tan, sun burn , skin pigmentation, Hirsutism, acne etc and the response tendencies towards intervention strategies


Benefit: Tendency prediction of Genetic basis of hair loss


Over and above the VLCC DNA Wellness panels mentioned above, combination panels are also available.

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