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Accrual Rules

  • Each customer has a unique VLCC Wallet which is linked with My Account/ Phone Number
  • The Wallet has 2 pockets viz. Loyalty Points and Cashback
  • Cash Back will reflect in the Cashback pocket of Customer Wallet which will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase
  • Cashback will be credited in the customer wallet basis offer % defined for each sub-category/ service
  • There is no maximum limit for accrual
  • No Accrual of Loyalty points in May across all services
  • At least one offer- Either Cashback or Mother’s Day Offer or Alliance or Existing offers under the exception list, will have to applied to create any bill in May

Accrual Rules in case of Partial Payments made against Packages

When Partial payment is collected against packages, cash back will accrue on the amount paid as cash. All payments made against package outstanding in May will be eligible for Cashback under the pre-defined Slabs running in May.

For example, a package worth Rs 50,000 is sold on 6th of May. An Amount of Rs 30,000 is paid instantly. Cashback will accrue on Rs 30,000. Now if the balance is paid within May, then cashback will be basis the offer% defined for May. However if the balance is paid post May, Cashback will accrue basis the new offer% running in the month in which payment is done.

Accrual Rules in case of Payments made via Cheque

  • When payment is made cheques, Cashback will be credited in the customer wallet only post 4 working days when the cheque has been honoured/ cleared at the bank.
  • Even when part payments for packages are done via cheques, cashback will get credited in the customer wallet only post 4 working days.
  • Client always had the luxury to pay the balance due against the package via cash/ card, to get instant cashback benefits.

Redemption Rules

  • Cashback redemption can be done from the second bill onwards.
  • A maximum of 40% of the bill value can be set off against Cashback
  • Accrual and redemption can happen in the same bill.
  • Bills in which Cashback/ loyalty points/ gift cards have been redeemed; Cashback will again accrue on the balance paid via cash/ card.
  • Accrual on second bill will be on the net paid amount basis offer% pre-defined for each sub-category/ services
  • Both Loyalty points & Cashback can be applied in a single Bill, but cannot be applied on bills on which mother’s day offer has been applied.
  • If Loyalty points and cashback is redeemed, new Cashback accrual will happen on the net amount paid via cash/ card.

Exemptions - Modes of Payment

Gift Card

  • No Cashback will be given on purchase of Gift Card
  • No Cashback will be given on bills in which the full amount is paid via Gift card.
  • In case there is partial payment against Gift card, accrual of cashback will happen on the balance amount paid by cash/ card.
  • Accrued Cashback cannot be redeemed for the purchase of new gift cards.

Family Card

  • No Cashback will be given on purchase of Family Card.
  • Accrued Cashback cannot be used to purchase new Family cards

No Accrual or redemption will happen on bills in which the above modes of payments have been applied in part or in full

  • Paytm
  • Nearbuy Coupons
  • Loyalty Coupons
  • Sodexo
  • E vouchers
  • Coupons
  • Big City Promotions
  • GF Card
  • Ziffi

Exemptions - Offers

  • The Discount on products will run as is, with no Cashback offer
  • All offers given to alliance partners like SBI, KOTAK, Bajaj Finance Limited, etc will run as is
  • No Cashback will accrue on purchase of Transformation package
  • There will be “NO” Happy Hours in the month of May
  • Hair Build offers is exclusive and not eligible for Cashback.
  • Accrued Cashback cannot be redeemed against Hair Build.

T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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