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DNA SLIMTM marks a paradigm shift in the arena of weight management where conventional programs worldwide have so far focused on indicators such as BMI, BMR, BCA, and a Waist-to-Hip ratio. DNA SLIMTM goes a step beyond by factoring in the impact of one unique DNA in the weight loss process, for prescribing the most effective diet and exercise regime, keeping only you in mind.

In a study done by scientists at Stanford University, the results of which are published in the annals of the American Heart Association Joint Conference 50th Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention and Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2010, March 2-5, 2010, San Francisco, CA, USA it was seen that a simple DNA test could help predict whether someone is more likely to be successful with weight loss when put on a diet tailored to the genetic makeup of the individual . A simple cheek swab at a VLCC center is all you need for VLCC team of nutritionists and fitness experts to work out with laser like precision the most appropriate diet and exercise regime to deliver the best solution for weight loss, fat reduction and make you DNA SLIMTM.

Each of us has a unique DNA make-up which determines our propensity to gain or lose weight. It is this difference in the genetic structure which explains why two individuals enrolling for the same slimming package sometimes obtain different results from it even if their body composition, lifestyles, and dietary habits are more or less similar. DNA SLIMTM is a custom-fit solution and the answer for all those who have been seeking a scientific, individualized weight loss, weight reduction program that offers speedy, yet sustainable results.