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Hair fall can be a great cause of worry for anyone irrespective of gender or age. A common issue in today day and age, it is further aggravated by stress, pollution and an erratic diet or lifestyle.

After an exhaustive study of the causes behind hair fall, VLCC has developed a multipronged treatment which involves the application of special oils, stimulating massages that focus on pressure points and steam therapy. The massage and steam therapy help specially developed Ayurvedic oils take effect as the herbs and nutrients seep into your roots and scalp for lasting results. Our professionals are trained in locating and working on the strategic pressure points that help increase circulation and thereby stimulate hair growth.

A VLCC Spa Hair Treatment not only leaves you with strong and bouncy hair, but as our therapists massage your head, neck and shoulders each treatment leaves your senses refreshed.


Dandruff can be caused due to a variety of reasons, and what most people do not realize is that the condition can take the form of a very dry and scaly variant to an oily and flaky variant. Our hair care experts suggest a therapy only after thoroughly examining the kind of dandruff you have. Once identified, the treatment is carried forth with the suitable oil which is accompanied by a head massage and then followed up by steam therapy. As dandruff is essentially an accumulation of dead cells on the scalp, the oils help create a sterile environment that prevents the growth of bacteria. The massage, steam and application of a herbal hair care powder helps cleanse the scalp while preserving its natural oils.

The Spa Experience

While the VITALITY program of the Spa experience offered at VLCC helps restore hair growth and prevents hair fall, REBALANCE is meant for treating oily scalp. The COMFORT provides relief to the itchy and sensitive scalp whereas PURITY program is meant for treating dandruff. The RECONSTRUCT program of the league is ideal for damaged hair that helps restore volume while adding sheen to the mane.


Macadamia hair spa reconstructs, penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair for improved health, shine and elasticity with no weight down. It is ideal for dry, damaged or color treated hair of all textures as it provides deep nourishment &ultra conditioning by leaving hair silky, full of movement and bounce.


A fiber filling treatment that revives damaged hair with ease by reconstructing your hair from within. It gives your hair a glossy, smooth finish for up to 10 washes.


A colour crystallization treatment that locks in your hair colour and keeps it radiant for longer powered by glucomineral, it creates a protective layer around your hair fibre and the colour. It smoothens, enhances colour and keeps it shiny, so you don’t have to worry about damage.


It helps in nourishing all hair types. Contains the goodness of argan oil and cotton seed oil for deep nourishment and shine.


It nourishing formula is based on purified water, a cationic agent and conditioning silicone. The hair gains manageability and softness for healthy looking hair with beautiful shine.


Cysteine Treatments