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We at VLCC recognize the fact that the problems faced by women after child birth and/or menopause are real. One of the concerns that women feel insecure about are the changes such as sagging skin and pigmentation that occur around women’s vagina. Quite often, it is also a taboo for women to talk about these problems openly and freely. Recognizing this pressing need with more and more women looking for a reliable and safe solution VLCC launches ST-ReVive.

It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure for area around women’s vagina. It helps revive and lightens this area that may suffer changes. It is non-invasive process that uses ‘multi-channel radio frequency’that helps revitalize the labia majora and minora of women’s vagina. It does not involve any process that is painful and causes discomfort.

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Some most common and pressing FAQs related to the service will help ensure your queries are completely resolved:

This is completely a safe procedure. It is FDA & CE approved

No, it's not painful. It is non invasive treatment and do not require any special post session care.
It is non-invasive process that uses ‘multi-channel radio frequency’ that helps revitalize the labia majora and minora of women’s vagina
It is a non-painful treatment, there is no special post session care required and women can return to normal activities immediately.
No, it does not have any side effects, this is completely safe procedure.
This is a 40-minute treatment performed by a trained professional.
The tightening effect of the labia majora with Radio frequency can be apparent immediately but if continuous 6 sessions are taken will lead to good noticeable change resulting in improved collagen synthesis that makes the vagina feel tighter, stronger and rejuvenated.
Yes it’s available across all the centers.
Yes,the treatment is only done by female experts.


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