Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a procedure to make your lips look fuller and plump.

This global trendsetter also adopted by major celebrities doing rounds for years and still is a major trend across the world, can now be availed at VLCC! With state of art technology and facility under the expert guidance of our doctors we make sure the procedure is safe and you feel comfortable before, during and after the process.

This non-invasive treatment uses radio frequency under the expertise of doctors in state of art facilities to get the desired results. The best thing about it is the fact that the procedure is a non-surgical process and does not involve any invasive process.

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Certain FAQs related to Lip Enhancement will ensure you get your queries completely resolved:

It is a completely a safe procedure. Also, the fact that it is FDA & CE approved adds on to its credibility.

No, the procedure is not painful. It is non invasive treatment and gives natural enhancement of lips without the use of needles.
It takes about 30 minutes per each session.
This is lips plumping treatment, which add subtle fullness and pout to the lips making them luscious.

This is a temporary treatment. With each single session the effect lasts for 3-4 days post the procedure.

But, if 6 sessions are continuously taken it leads to a good noticeable change resulting in improved collagen synthesis and lips that attain naturally fuller look with a slight enhanced effect!

No, it doesn’t have any side effects.
No special precautions are required, but it is always good to lubricate the lips with VLCC Lip Balm or VLCC Lip Gloss post the procedure.
Yes it’s available at all VLCC centers across India.


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