Advanced appliances

Role of passive activity

We understand that not everyone is capable of handling vigorous physical activities and exercise. This could be due to certain medical conditions, or excessive weight that has led to the weakening of muscles. For such individuals, we offer the following alternatives to exercise:

Weight Loss Appliances:- These provide a safe and strictly controlled passive muscle stimulation system that is used to replicate physical activity patterns for the muscles.

  • Gear the body’s metabolism towards energy expenditure.
  • Utilize the fat stores of the body.
  • Improve blood circulation and transport of nutrients.
  • Contract and relax the muscles thereby increasing muscle tone.
  • Advanced technology based Appliances: have a beneficial effect through breakdown of fat cells and Collagen Synthesis for skin tightening. Other benefits include reduction of fine lines wrinkles, crow’s feet, and stretch marks.
  • These help tone several areas of the body that may need special attention. They concentrate on areas such as the abdomen (thereby reducing waist circumference and controlling central obesity), the hips and thighs, face, arms ,upper and lower back and love handles even offer full body firming for those with generalized excessive fat distribution.
  • Give overall toned and shapely appearance.

All our appliance are safe and scientific and are used after extensive research and trials.

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