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What is ‘Zodiac Facial’?

Even if you're not into astrology, you probably read your horoscope from time to time. And according to astrologers, your sign relates to more than your love life or what's going on at work—it can actually shed some light on your beauty routine, too. Our bodies have their own bioelectrical field. All the zodiacs are dominated by their individual signs, like – Fire, Earth, Air & Water. According to Ayurveda, when our skin cells are stimulated with the help of zodiac stones, this helps to increase skin cell turnover to speed up repair processes and help to reveal smooth and radiant skin. The products used in Zodiac Facial (Cleanser/Serum/Pack) are charged with precious Gemstone and have an efficacy of the particular stone effect on an individual. While your sign can shed light on your life, it can also be useful when interpreting what ingredients to use on your skin.

What skin types it can be used for?

All skin types except acne prone skin

What is the duration of Service?

1 hour

What would be the frequency of sessions?

It is recommended to be repeated in 15 days

What is the Service Protocol?

Five step service for enhanced results – Cleansing, Scrubbing, Serum, Massage and Mask.

What is the price of Zodiac Facial?

All the facials are for 1099/- + GST

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