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About Winter Care Facial

With the Onset of winters, every woman dreams to have soft dewy skin with a natural blush and rosy lips. Even for men, smooth and hydrated skin is the most sought after thing in winters. However, as the temperature drops, skin becomes dull, dry & lifeless. Cold creams, moisturizers become a part of the daily regime as winter is a time for intensive skin care for most of us.

Increasing smog, fluctuating humidity and temperature fluctuations make the skin more dry and dehydrated and therefore cold creams are not enough to battle these situations. Winter skin care therefore means lots of products- ranging from care creams, moisturizers, lip balms to several other home care products, thus resulting in a lot of product build-up in the skin, clogged pores, break-outs, etc.

Look Great – No matter where you go this Winter Season

To get you the winter glow we all desire, a range of winter care facials wait for you at your nearest VLCC. Come for your monthly “Pro Skin Care” and get rid of those clogged pores and other skin concerns due to product build up in the skin. Our team of skin experts will analyze your skin and customize a facial regime that will be most suitable for your skin type and will help address all your skin concerns.

Expert Advice

Prefer going for facials that have ingredients like rose, milk, glycerin, argan oil and cocoa that hydrate the skin and nourish it from within.

You can also go for Facials and skin treatments which have peptides which stimulate collagen production, thus repairing and nourishing the skin to give you that perfect winter glow.

Once a facial/ facial treatment suits you and gives you results as you desire, stick to it.


#1 Opt for a series package of 4-6 sittings. Remember, a single sitting of the most amazing service cannot do magic. Natural healing is a gradual process and multiple sessions are needed.

#2 Do not keep flirting with multiple brands and rituals in winters as the skin is already dry and dehydrated and needs intensive care.

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