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St-Revive Intimate Tightening

Often, it is a taboo for women to talk about these problems. They quite often fail to get a solution, especially in India, that is reliable and has the right focus solution for their concerns. We at VLCC recognize that the problems faced by women especially after child birth and menopause are real and need right kind of expertise and care.

Therefore, addressing this need VLCC introduces ST-ReVive.

It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure for area around women’s vagina. It helps revive this area that may suffer changes such as sagging skin and pigmentation especially after child birth or menopause

With the state of art technology and under the guidance of experts and doctors we tend to provide end to end assistance before, during and after the procedure. It is non-invasive process that uses ‘multi-channel radio frequency’ that helps revitalize the labia majora and minora of women’s vagina, stimulating collagen regeneration and production of elastin fibers. It's a treatment that makes the vagina feel tighter, stronger and rejuvenated.

It is a non-painful treatment, there is no special post session care required and women can return to normal activities immediately.

This is comfortable; 40-minute treatment performed by a trained professional and can be given to –

  • Perimenopausal and Menopausal women
  • Women who have given birth and have post-delivery laxity
  • Women who have vaginal laxity due to hormonal changes or due to sudden weight loss.
  • Having dark discoloration of skin around vagina

Not only here, this service is being talked about globally. Now, more and more women are taking the lead and want to be benefitted with the treatment that is reliable and safe!

T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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