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Body Shaping & Contouring

Our spot reduction services help you shape specific areas of your body. These are customized based on individual requirement. They include a combination of special manual therapies using unique natural products and advanced technology appliances to give the desired results like fat loss, skin tightening, firming and muscle toning.

It helps firm the areas given below:

Facelift and Contouring

Jawline | Puffy Cheeks

Double chin | Neck

Eye Enhancement

Crows Feet | Under eye dark circle

Puffiness of eyes Wrinkles

Dropping of eyebrows

Hand Smoothening

Fine Lines | Wrinkles | Loose skin

Abdomen Treatment

Fat reduction

Loose and Sagging skin

Arms Contouring

Cellulite and Fat reduction

Losse and Sagging skin

Untoned muscles

Thigh Firming and Contouring

Fat and Cellulite reduction

Skin Tightening and Firming.

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