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Money Back Assurance on KG Weight Loss Service

We are back again with our money back assurance.

It has been our endeavor of over 2 decades to bring wellness to each and every one of you. We at VLCC, believe and nurture the idea of holistic wellness. For decades we have worked toward bringing the best of scientific weight loss treatments to you. Starting with DNA wellness to find your genetic patterns to varied range of concoctions of therapy and non-invasive treatments, we have been the pioneers in technology and therapy in slimming.

Money Back Assurance is a Symbol of Our Confidence.

The entire year we search the internet with sure ways to lose weight, diet plans, weight loss tea, healthy smoothie and what not, just to shed those extra pounds. We try gather courage to wear that dress we bought so fondly, just that muffin top will bulge out. Think no more, join VLCC. Claim the body you deserve.

With the last year ending and the New Year beginning with calorie rich food, we tend to regret after we have had our fill, not only is it an unhealthy practice physically, it leaves us gravely unsatisfied with our body for the same. It is the beginning of the New Year and with promises of new beginnings, it is time to act upon your new year resolutions of having a slim and fit body. What could be a better way to start off than by keeping the promise of better life? Sign up for sure weight loss programs by VLCC and keep all the obesity invited diseases at bay.

Come to VLCC and transform your life!

Customer Testimonials

Gym and weight loss sessions are excellent. Counselling by senior dietitians are very good.

- By Gomathi

Lost 5kgs. Very happy with the results. The staff is very courteous and motivating. Received a lot of compliments.

- By Kavita Choudhary

T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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