VLCC Post Covid-19 Recovery Program

Specialized Package of Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Therapy Based Recuperative Services

To facilitate recovery from COVID-19 side-effects, long lasting residual symptoms, and nurture clients back to health, VLCC India launches V-CARE: Post COVID-19 Recovery Programs.

About the Program

VLCC Post COVID-19 Recovery Program  is delivered by doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and therapy experts. It offers comprehensive assessment and custom services to heal and treat Post COVID-19 residual symptoms to restore health and wellbeing.

VLCC Post COVID-19 Recovery Program is specially designed for the individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. The program is projected for those individuals who are looking to bounce back to their fit and healthy status. Mostly, the program concentrates on improving the lungs capacity, removing the medication effects from the body, discovering their inherent physical functionality and efficiency in their daily life and living. Above all, it will help in finding their inner peace and harmony!

Throughout its history VLCC has helped many people, often through unique interventions on a personal level, resulting in great personal success stories. As part of this mission, we are now gearing up to launch a new protocol designed to deliver service mission within a focused approach for individuals in post-recovery phase.

Program Benefits:

  • Improve lung capacity, decrease breathlessness
  • Improve appetite, and digestion, reduce bloating and acidity
  • Improve flexibility, endurance and strength, reduce joint pain & body stiffness
  • Improve parameters like resting pulse, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate
  • Reduce fatigue, increase stamina
  • Improve energy, feel mentally relaxed & calm

The program includes:

  • Screening with doctor and other experts
  • Comprehensive assessments by physiotherapist for custom design of the program
  • Nutritional needs assessment, guidelines, recipes from a dietitian
  • Physiotherapy, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, breathing and relaxation techniques, general exercises, Yoga asanas
  • In-center therapy using acupressure points, reflexology, activation of chakras, liver-compress detox and lymphatic drainage.
  • Education and guidance to continue practice at home for longer-term continued benefits; on-line support, consultation and counselling
  • Complementary home-care kit
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Mode of Delivery

  • Online
  • In center

FAQ – VLCC’s Post Covid-19 Recovery Program

Common post-infection symptoms include fatigue, forgetfulness, general lethargy and disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, acidity, low-grade exertional fever, breathlessness / shortness of breath, dry cough, residual bronchitis, painful joints, muscle soreness, general stiffness and more.
Post Covid residual symptoms can last upto 2-3 months after recovering from the virus infection sometimes even more.
The program offers services which alleviate symptoms and help speed-up recovery to normal life. It includes a customized combination of physiotherapy, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, breathing and relaxation techniques, acupressure and reflexology, activation of chakras, liver-compress detox, physical exercise, yoga and nutritional guidance.
The VLCC Post COVID Recovery Program will be conducted by doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, therapy experts and counsellors.
It includes education and demonstration of exercise training and behavior change designed to improve physical and emotional condition and promote long-term adherence to health-enhancing behaviors. Special attention is given to co-morbidities and medical conditions.