Nutrition Month at VLCC

This September VLCC is celebrating Nutrition Month. Get 10 days customized diet plan exclusively at all VLCC centers near you at JUST Re. 1*!

We at VLCC believe that a good life begins with a healthy body and a focused mind. All of it is a culmination of proper nutrition and the choices you make concerning it! Keeping this in mind we have segregated the month into four key areas essential for ensuring you make right choices, eat and cook smart!

First Week

on Gut Health

Your gut health determines your entire well-being. It has a direct impact on your mental health, mood, and focus. If you’re gut health is good you feel great, energetic and strive to live your life to the fullest all the time! Keeping this in view a focus on your gut health becomes extremely essential!

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Second Week

Focuses on How to scan the food labels of commodities you buy?

In our everyday lives we buy almost more than half of our daily products from our supermarkets and stores. In this scenario, making the right choice becomes extremely important. Keeping this in view some essentials to swiftly and smartly scan the food labels of the commodities you buy becomes extremely important as well!

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Third Week

Focuses on How to cook smart?

Focus on certain nuances and making little changes in your cooking regime can go a long way in ensuring good health! Keeping this in view, learn how to cook smartly and ensuring you remain focused throughout the day and relaxed throughout the night!

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Fourth Week

Focuses on Importance of Functional Foods in your diet

Functional foods often ignored are an essential key for ensuring the holistic wellness of your body and mind. What makes these foods so special? Check out some interesting and amazing insights on them in this week!

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Join in for free Knowledge Empowerment, Expert Counselling, Health Check Up and Diet Counselling by our panel of Dietician/ Nutrition Experts and Physiotherapists Panel.

So why not devote your Re. 1* to your good health! After all, your body and mind lets you be whatever you want to be, so let us pledge to take care of them!

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