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Pout Perfect

Some want to be taller, some slimmer, some want more hair, some want full lips. We want because we know we can. We as human beings have a constant need in us to upgrade, update and customize things to our own will and want. Something similar works when it comes to our own bodies. And no matter what anybody tells you, it is your body, you are free to do whatever, making sure that you don’t harm yourself or others in the process. Be yourself they tell you, so be it. Get the perfect pout that you have been wishing for, at VLCC. The procedure is medically safe and approved. We are here to answer all your queries before and after the procedure.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Many of us prefer to enhance our facial features, for the ones looking for lip enhancement, Lip injectable help look plumper and fuller. The procedure is safe and performed by trained staff with doctors in consultation. Injectables or fillers are pushed in the dermal layer of the lip to enhance shape and structure.

Is it a permanent procedure?

Lip fillers last up to 6 months with results varying from individual to individual.

Is it medically safe? Are there any side effects?

VLCC we make sure all procedures are done with safety and precision by trained experts with full knowledge. Although side effects are unheard of, at VlCC we make sure you consult a doctor before subscribing to the procedure.

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T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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