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Keratin Hair Treatment

What is Kerafusion Keratin Treament: It is the latest and one of the most innovative Keratin Treatments available globally. It is a specially formulated protein complex that eliminates frizz and out of control curls and leaves hair silky, shiny and healthy.

  • How does Kerafusion Keratin treatment instantly straighten and smoothen Hair? As the liquid keratin treatment is applied on the hair, it penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, filling all the porous areas and with the help of a blow-dryer and flat-iron the treatment is then sealed into the cuticle smoothening the hair. Things to be considered after the Keratin treatment
  • The use of a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner is mandatory after the Kerafusion Keratin Treatment is performed, as sulfates tend to strip the treatment from the hair much quicker.
  • Shampooing the hair daily, could cause the treatment to fade quickly and hence it is recommended to shampoo the hair only thrice a week.
  • The use of Henna or Metallic Dyes before or after the Kerafusion Keratin Treatment is not recommended
  • Any chemical service such as highlighting, coloring or rebonding is recommended prior to the service. Doing a chemical service after doing the Kerafusion Keratin Treatment may cause the treatment to strip out of the hair
  • Oiling the hair would create a build up in the hair and hence it is advised to restrict from frequently oiling the hair
  • Swimming is not recommended after the Kerafusion Keratin Treatment is performed as the chlorine in the water would cause the treatment to fade away faster.
  • The treatment lasts an average of 12 weeks

What is a Cysteine Complex Treatment ? Cysteine is a compound already found in hair, and it makes up about 40% of hair's natural protein composition. Cysteine Complex works in synergy with hair's existing proteins to restructure, soften, and release entanglements/ curls from hair.

  • How does it repair the hair from the inside out ? When hair is shampooed using a high pH Shampoo such as the Pure Deep Cleansing Shampoo, the hair cuticles open up. Then the Cysteine Treatment is applied on the hair. The combination of a high pH Shampoo with a low pH product like the Cysteine Complex, helps the product to penetrate inside the cuticle, but because of the absence of any harsh chemicals such as Ammonia the product cannot penetrate inside the cortex and works between the cuticle and cortex. It is here that the Cysteine proteins are released which helps to rebuild the lost protein chains in the hair and this is how Cysteine repairs the hair from the inside out
  • The treatment lasts an average of 12 weeks

How does Cysteine Complex Treatment work?

  • The treatment penetrates inside the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits, which improves the overall strength of the hair, making it soft and shiny and restoring hair to its healthy state.
  • Cysteine has many antioxidant properties and when bonded to the hair shaft it promotes increased stability and strength of the hair. It contains no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals which would affect the health of the hairdressers or their clients.
  • Contains only the finest botanical ingredients and pure proteins. No artificial ingredients or harmful ingredients used that affect the health
  • Reduces frizz in the hair, giving a natural smooth look to the hair with brilliant shine and softness
  • Works excellent on hair damaged by chemical treatments, frequent use of hot styling tools and overexposure to sun
  • Makes hair more manageable by providing intense conditioning and moisturizing and improving the overall quality and texture of hair


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